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Learn about CTi - innovative IT company located in central Pennsylvania

Carlson Technologies, Inc is a powerhouse tech company that features IT, Software, Fiber, and Web and Mobile divisions. Our talented teams provide high-quality services and solutions to the East Coast and beyond. Learn more about CTi and its services by reading about our divisions below.


CTi is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions. Our team provides professional computer, hardware, and network services. Ultimately, we strive to provide excellent service to homes and businesses. For all your IT needs, our highly-skilled team has you covered.

Web and Mobile

Our web and mobile design team create user-friendly, stunning websites and mobile apps. Moreover, every website design is crafted specifically for each project. They focus on usability, mobile-friendly interfaces, and on-brand design to create websites that stand out from the crowd.

Fiber Optics

CTi's Fiber Optic division excels in fiber splicing, installation, and testing. They also provide emergency repair services and network design. Our fiber team offers the most experienced and qualified staff to provide professional fiber services for businesses of all sizes.

Software Development

Allow our team of professional software developers to create software to improve your business, automate your process, and replace complicated or outdated programs. In addition to business software, CTi's Software division excels in WordPress development. Like our auction fundraising software!

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